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CUG is a global Lifestyle provider where Our Primary goal is to help our community of members meet and enhance their lifestyle needs....

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About Us

Closed User Group is the world’s largest Closed User Group and Digital Transaction business.

We are a company that connects Consumers and Companies so they can more Efficiently Transact.

We are a Lifestyle provider that supplies products and services to global companies, sales organizations and individuals.

With our past experience in being 10 years ahead of the Daily Deal phenomenon and other industry experiences, we offer our global users real preferred rates on all types of products and services for the longterm not just for a selected short period.

With our one stop shop Lifestyle Portal helping to eliminate the need to use time consuming and more expensive websites, added to this with our Large Bargaining and Purchasing Power, results in reduced living and lifestyle costs so improves and increases our users lifestyle. Our users don't have to re direct their spending as our selected affiliated partners are all recognized brands where we shop and purchase goods and services at on a daily basis.

Nobody can put a value on having the ability to save money where they are already spending it, therefore again, gaining a better lifestyle, adding all this together with having the convenience to do everything through one portal whether you want to select cash back on what you have spent, promote your business to other businesses and consumers, get a great offer through our daily deal platform, promote a property you have through our property listing or classified section or sell unwanted goods through our auction section. Maybe, wanting a happy and better work/life balance and more time in your life appeals to you? All this, gives our users increased choices and a much improved Lifestyle.

Another powerful element in CUG's Lifestyle Portal is, we offer a reverse auction system. Instead of the cost of goods increasing like in a traditional auction, we have companies competing with each other and offering goods and services at lowering amounts to attract our member’s attention.

For our global affiliated companies we offer them the ability to dramatically lower their business costs and increase revenues and profits and at the same time giving our members the ability to take advantage of quality products and services at reduced prices increasing their purchasing power and lifestyle.

Let CUG navigate you to our member only preferred rates that we have negotiated on our global users behalf.

CUG is on track to become a multibillion dollar turnover business with millions of  users worldwide, so don't miss out on this new and improved way of living!

Anything, Anywhere 24/7