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CUG is a global Lifestyle provider where Our Primary goal is to help our community of members meet and enhance their lifestyle needs....

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Do you provide a product or service, and offer fantastic customer service? Then you are a company we are looking at partnering with.


We are a business owners dream. How would you like extra revenue, extra profits at no cost to your company? Normally for your company to achieve this increased revenues and profits, your organization has to spend even more money on marketing and advertising. 


But instead of spending more money on marketing and advertising, our  Affiliated Partner companies offer our large and expanding user base, a preferred rate or cashback, and in return we promote and direct our  users to your business with the increased revenues this brings. This results in a Win Win for our Affiliated Partner companies and our users.


Business Development Program


The business development program consists of enhancing our users offering, by seeking top quality companies offering products and services. CUG is always seeking partners who can give these quality benefits to its users. These partners are known as affiliates.


Our affiliates will also get the most effective exposure and the best value for their marketing budget. Affiliates will be marketed using the most advanced marketing system via our hybrid website, membership guide, quarterly magazine and other media.




The marketing cost for affiliates is free of charge in our selected affiliate’s area of our website and membership guide. Additional marketing exposure will also be available at a nominal fee.





Affiliates will have unique representation of their products and services in the apprprite category, either nationally or internationally, or both if desired.


The products and services of the affiliates will be exposed to our large and rapidly expanding user base.


CUG will represent the affiliates products and services to its users through a link within our website to the affiliate websites.


The products and services of the affiliates will be marketed and purchased within our large closed user group, resulting in increased revenues, reduced marketing and advertising costs, therefore adding more revenues and profits to your bottom line. Targeting our membership base is very cost-effective and is result-oriented.



How is all this possible?


A group of chosen suppliers (Affiliates) offering products and services, will have access to an exclusive group of buyers (our users). All we ask for in return, is to offer our users a preferred rate or cashback that you would not normally offer to the general public. Your company can also take advantage of our marketing systems our company has in place and, if you want at any time offer any special deals this can immediately be marketed to our global membership base by a click of a button, resulting in quick sales and revenues for your organization.


If partnering with our organization is of interest, then please fill in, and submit the form below, so we can start offering your product or service to our global user base, thus resulting in additional revenues for your company. Thank you.

Affiliate Partner Registration

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I agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Affiliate Partners Agreement.

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