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CUG is a global Lifestyle provider where Our Primary goal is to help our community of members meet and enhance their lifestyle needs....

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As a corporation we all understand the benefits of providing that work life balance to employees which has been proven to increase productivity in the work place and decrease their absenteeism due to being stressed and the feeling of not being able to cope with juggling work and home related activities.

Every corporation is looking to get this balance right in showing you care for your employees, and at the same time getting more productivity, which results in more revenues and profits generated.

Workers taking time off due to stress and other work related issues cost businesses billions of dollars globally each year.

We at CUG have the solution in place and offer all our corporate users and their employees a work life balance that is second to none!

It is often said, "Our most valuable asset is our people..."

It is also a constant challenge for Human Resource Directors to implement strategies for the retention and appointment of high caliber staff.

What if you could appoint the services of a Personal Assistant to each employee and their immediate family, at a cost of the average movie ticket or a taxi fare per month? And at the same time send a personal message from the CEO to employees on their birthday and/other noteworthy occasions?

What if this service was so comprehensive and helpful that it reinforced a positive perception of their Employer as an exceptional and caring organization-every waking moment? And what if the initiative increased productivity amongst your staff because their daily problems are managed?

Most people have an increasingly demanding and stressful lifestyle, as a result of long working hours, and the ability to pass some of the mundane but essential chores on to an executive PA is a luxury enjoyed by a very few.

An increasing number of leading global companies are joining the international trend to add to services of an exciting Lifestyle Enhancement Initiative to employee benefit offerings in order to add REAL value to their lives.

Our company CUG simplifies people's lives by supporting them in achieving many activities that they would otherwise not have the time, energy or experience to manage.

CUG 24/7 Your Lifestyle Portal is a global leader and the most comprehensive lifestyle enhancement, assistant and point of contact centre for employees, customers and consumers in the world.

Our combination of quality value added services are delivered through our multi-million dollar infrastructure and call centre hubs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering every individual member access to an improved and positive lifestyle.

Our comprehensive range of time and money saving products and services, added together with our other value added offerings are reviewed regularly to align with the latest trends and market demands. We assist companies with the initial concept, implementation and marketing within your organization. Larger corporations can choose to have the service offering branded within their own corporate identity - reinforcing a positive image as a caring employer.

Just some of the benefits of our corporate package.

. A convenient 24 hour access to a wide range of personal and work related assistance

. Huge savings on products and services

. Increased expendable wages and salaries from savings obtained

. Valuable time redeemed for work and home resulting in more time leverage in their lives

. Increased productivity, reduced days off work and a much happier work/life balance

Please make contact with our organization relating to costing and please don't delay and start today in taking advantage of the many extremely valuable and life changing benefits our company CUG has to offer by filling in the form below stating how many employees your company has, or by clicking on Join Now and filling in all the details. Thank you!


Anything, Anywhere 24/7