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CUG is a global Lifestyle provider where Our Primary goal is to help our community of members meet and enhance their lifestyle needs....

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Q What is CUG?

CUG is a Closed User Group and a Digital Transaction company. A company that connects Consumers and Companies so they can more efficiently interact and transact. This results in enhancing our users lifestyle with giving them the ability to save Time and Money, and at the same time giving CUG's affiliated partners a loyal and expanding customer base with the increased revenues this brings. This is a Win Win for everyone.

Q How does the service work?

CUG, because of it's large customer base, has bargaining power to negotiate special rates from companies that supply products and services. Instead of individuals purchasing goods and services direct on their own they now have group purchasing power, this results in leverage as to what they would normally have to pay, therefore creating substantial savings over the period of use.

Q How old must I be to be a Private member?

A person must be 18 years of age to be a private member.

Q What is the cost of membership and how long is the membership for?

CUG has 3 different membership tiers:

Free user: Gives access to all areas exept concierge.
CUG has a Corporate membership: For Companies and their employees which gives access to a higher commission or caskback and concierge section. 
Private Membership: CUG offers different options. A monthly membership, a 6 month membership and an annual membership.
Members can also sign up for longer periods and this section gives access to the concierge category and to a higher commission or cashback %.

Q What is an Online Lifestyle Portal?

A lifestyle Portal is a link to numerous companies in different industries all linked together via one website instead of having to go through numerous websites, therefore not only saving time browsing but also saving money through the purchasing ability this gives.

Q How many companies are in CUG's affiliated program?

CUG has 1,000's of partner affiliates globally with more joining every day therefore giving our members even more choice and value.

Q How much will I save from my membership?

It is hard to put a figure on what will be saved during the term of your membership especially with all the products and services offered, as it will depend on how often and what benefits you take advantage of during your membership. However it will be savings in the thousands of dollars! One example being; if you were to take up membership direct with our Concierge partner Central Concierge, this would cost you a minimum of $699.99 per month. Through CUG it is included in your membership so therefore saving you $6,600 over 12 months!

Q Is there a limit to how many times I can use the membership benefits?

There is no limit to how many times you use your membership and in fact we encourage you to use it as often as possible therefore increasing your savings.

Q Is there a limit to what I can save?

There is no limit to what you can save and the more you use your membership benefit the more time and money you will save.

Q How many is the private membership for?

The private membership is for you and your immediate family.

Q Can I recommend the CUG website to friends and family and is there a referral program?

Yes, we would be grateful for all your recommendations and yes we do have a referral rewards program. Please contact us on to learn more.

Q How does CUG earn revenues?

CUG earns revenues in a number of ways. By selling private and corporate memberships. Transaction commissions earned from affiliates participating in the CUG program. Advertising revenues from companies listed in company profile sections of the CUG website and online magazine. Companies can also pay to promote goods and services or just promote their company directly to CUG's large database of users.

Q What is the difference between a reverse auction and a traditional auction?

The difference between a reverse auction and a traditional auction is that in a traditional auction the price for the item is continuously driven up from bids placed by potential buyers, whereas in a reverse auction the price for an item is continually driven down. The primary objective of CUG is for our members to profit from downward pricing while still maintaining the quality of product or services being provided.

Q Who are the people behind CUG and where is the company based?

CUG is a Nevada based US corporation with corporate headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada and has operations all over the world. Telephone number +17029884208
CUG is owned and operated by a group of individuals who have a wealth of experience in this fast growing industry.

Q Can I at any time sell my private membership on and at a higher price that I have purchased it for?

No, you are prohibited from selling your private membership on and also for selling on at an increased amount.

Q Do I have the consumer agreements direct with CUG for the products I buy?

No, you have all consumer agreements and warranties direct from the affiliated partner that you purchase goods and services from. CUG is your Web Portal to these companies therefore generating a preferred rate or cash back for you. CUG does not hold or sell any goods.

Q Can I affiliate my company to CUG?

Yes, all types of companies are welcome to affiliate to our Business Development Program.
All we ask, is you offer a preferred rate, or cashback, and excellent customer service to our members.
Once Agreements are in place we will list your company in the members section of the CUG website in It's specific category and your company will start enjoying the extra traffic and revenues this will bring.

Q Can I buy private memberships for gifts for family and friends.

Yes, we would just need the family name of the person who is receiving the membership package so they can be issued with a membership ID and gain access to all the benefits.

Q Can I buy more than a one year private membership and what happens on expiry of my membership?

You can sign up for multiple yearly private membership periods and near to the expiration date of your membership date you will receive a reminder email reminding you to renew your membership so you can continue to take advantage of all the amazing products and services CUG has obtained on your behalf.

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