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CUG is a global Lifestyle provider where Our Primary goal is to help our community of members meet and enhance their lifestyle needs....

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CUG is a global Lifestyle provider where Our Primary goal is to help our community of members meet and enhance their lifestyle needs. We do this by combining our large and ever expanding user base resulting in large purchasing and bargaining power to give our users preferred rates on all their everyday expenditures, resulting in our users having the ability to reduce their spending, enabling them to save money where they are already spending it, therefore creating a surplus of money to save or spend on life's little luxury's! At the same time giving our users a better lifestyle through the pre selecting of quality affiliates we choose to partner with.


CUG is a Closed User Group; a closed user group is a unique group of customers (members) who have access to exclusive savings on products and services from participating suppliers (affiliates). Closed User Group is used to define a group of persons or trading entities that band together to leverage group buying power.


CUG is the vehicle that brings together its own users and affiliates to create a unique and very successful business model, where its users receive great benefits and savings and our partner affiliates get to supply to our ever expanding user base, thus creating a harmony between consumer needs and business demands.


CUG users and their family gain access to specially negotiated rates and offers for products and services at local, regional, national and international levels across a wide range of categories through our selected affiliates.


CUG users are wise spenders who wish to improve their lifestyles by utilizing the purchasing benefits and look to CUG to assist them in getting the maximum benefit and service to enhance their spending power.


CUG have negotiated these benefits and savings on our users behalf and therefore select companies who have strategically affiliated with us both nationally and internationally to provide our users quality products and services.


Our Affiliates in turn have access to a large group of potential customers- our users, so win win for all!


CUG continues to build two large databases, the userbase and Affiliate Partner base. These two databases serve as the foundation behind the success of CUG's revolutionary successful business model.


At CUG, we strive to go the extra mile, to set new standards whenever possible. This gives us the edge in a world full of endless possibilities and rewards.



Anything, Anywhere 24/7